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One of the fastest rollerguns available on the market, equipped with a brand new 3x pulley system developed by scorpio engineers. With an average shaft speed of over 25m/s measured over a 4m distance, this gun has an unchallenged accuracy in ranges up to 6m. Slim body design and perfectly balanced buoyancy makes Dx3 as maneuverable as a small size classic aluminum barrel speargun, while delivering unprecedented shooting power with almost no recoil.



This tiny but deadly rollergun is designed for closer range shootouts. Compact design with two stroke arming makes this speargun the best choice for beginner spearos, but also a very useful tool for professionals for specific fishing situations. Insane maneuverability and incredible shaft speed make this gun perfect tool for murky waters and caves.



The ultimate blue-water rollergun. We are currently at an early stage of development. More information will be released as soon as the product enters the testing phase. Until then, feel free to enjoy the astonishing speeds of Dx3 model.


Let us build your dream rollergun. Like a musical instrument, a speargun is a highly personal tool, it deserves a custom approach in every single stage of the design and development process. Driven by passion, we can offer you the best custom build experience which will add a unique and personal note to your favorite fishing tool.


Most of the parts we use in our guns are designed and hand made by us. We encourage a DIY approach when creating the speargun, and that is why you can buy all the parts individually and put together your speargun by yourselves. We believe that only an open market and constant sharing of ideas can lead to significant breakthrough in spearfishing industry.



We believe spearfishing holds huge potential to become a major sport in future. Only by devotion, excelence and truly great products can we inspire people to pursue their passion about this exquisite underwater activity.

That is why we are putting all our efforts in bringing the design to perfection. We are merging vast knowledge from different fields of craftsmanship, engineering and design into every detail of our work.

We just happen to make awesome spearguns.


We are the inventors of 3x pulley system drive for the roller spearguns. It is a game changer for spearfishing. An improved speed, power, accuracy, design and maneuverability of our guns is what we hope will change and perfect the spearfishing industry!

Our mission is to continuously raise the bar in both of engineering and design. We are constantly experimenting with new materials, technology and ideas, so get ready to be surprised with more revolutionary concepts from Scorpio engineers.


We believe that every spearo remembers the exact point in time when he fell in love with spearfishing. That moment when you realised that you can outsmart your prey in their natural environment. After that there is no turning back. The sea gets underneath your skin. Spearfishing becomes an obsession. If you share a mutual feeling, you will understand  what we do and why we do it.

Life is all about experiences. To achieve the greatest spearfishing experience, an excellent speargun is an essential part of the process.

I was sceptic at first, because of its slim, tiny design compared to my old classic gun (120cm). Even more when i saw how easy it is to arm the gun. I thought this will fire blanks, but when i first fired from this gun i definitely changed my mind. A light pull on the trigger and the shaft almost undetectably flew of the gun and drew a six meter line of the reel that is locked. I don't judge spearguns by size anymore!
Sebastian Fleiss
Among all spearfishing techniques i mostly prefer to stalk the fish in shallow waters, and this is where this gun truly amazed me. Maneuverable, lightweigt and precise with no recoil at all, but it shoots like a cannon. As a natural stalker the most important feature for me is easy handling, great maneuverability and the fantastic ambi handle that allows you to shoot from all the crazy situations that stalking gets you in.
Luka Mrvičić



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