copmpact design

Due to it's small length and elegant body this gun is insanely maneuverable in all directions making it perfect tool for hunting in waters with lower visibility and caves. Tiny body also makes it suitable for beginner spearos.


The RedClaw is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed people, and all it takes to convert it is a single screw to relocate the line release. This is also important for all those moments where you aren't able to shoot with your preferred hand, be it right or left, and you have to take snapshots from difficult angles due to various obstacles or conditions underwater.


3x pulley system

Scorpio engineers implemented the 3x pulley system to further improve the already known 2x system, and take the game to the next level. The new system uses rubber power with much more efficiency and potency. The results are smaller length spearguns, that are comparable to much longer classic spearguns, with special benefits like reduced recoil and greater shaft speed.

Due to its smaller size, the RedClaw is very easy to load. The 3x pulley system provides great reduction of loading force. Just two stroke arming makes this speargun versatile as possible.

Size and weight comparation

This graphics shows comparation between Red Claw and some of the regular spearfishing equipment both in size and weight. These tehnical characteristics are essential atributes of this speargun. Considering amount of power, and shaft spead that RC produces, it's size and weight becomes ureal. It is a perfect tool for murky waters, where reaction time is crucial.


Ceramic coated parts

This type of ceramic coating is normally used to protect firearms, and represents the highest performing line of firearm coating available on the market. It found its use in speargun parts that are most prone to mechanical damage and corrosion, giving treated parts abrasion, corrosion and chemical resistance.

The trigger mechanism and stopper, apart from being made from highest quality stainless steel, are coated in the mentioned ceramic coating making them practically rust proof and giving them near-infinite durability


Technical specification

drive length: 70 cm
shaft: 7.0 / 100
rubber setup: 18.5  c16
material: full iroko + carbon
finish: mat polyuretane
handle: scorpio ambi
reel: apnos hd30
camera bracket: optional
length: 110cm (96cm)
weight: 1,76kg (0,64kg)
price: 1100€